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About Nilsson Shipping
About Nilsson Shipping
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Mission, Vision and Strategy


We provide high quality products and solutions to enhance the business of our customers, whilst creating better technologies that benefit both the customer and the environment as a general contractor abroad and a manufacturer of plant equipment in the region


We aim at becoming our customers' preferred development partner and supplier and become a world class engineering, manufacturing and construction company operating internationally


Ship, Industry and Service – growth through increased product range and acquisitions NILSSON SHIPPING is committed to providing products that minimize their impact on the environment. We provide and service the critical equipment that forms the backbone of the energy infrastructure Power and Heating Plants. With our customers’ priorities present at all times, we are continually raising the bar to offer top quality and environmentally friendly products, supported by a highly specialized, fast and efficient service network. As an independent company, we constantly strive to unveil solutions to our customers’ power and energy needs that are productive, dependable, long-lasting and that have one goal in mind: to serve and improve people’s livelihoods. Our reputation for provide high-quality products is precious to us but we also firmly believe that wherever our customers are, whenever they come into contact with one of our people, they expect and should receive the same high standards of service.

Nilsson Shipping supplies ship and industry solutions for builders, owners and operators of all types of marine vessels and on/offshore applications. Nilsson Shipping will seek its future growth in the ship and service businesses by broadening its product range. Nilsson Shipping will be strongly present in the markets that provide the best opportunities to grow. Nilsson Shipping is continuously evaluating growth opportunities, including partnerships.Nilsson Shipping has its own service network in sweden . Nilsson Shipping takes complete care of customer, as well as operations and maintenance contracts.

Power and Heating Plants – focus on the growing decentralized power generation market

In its power plant business Nilsson Shipping is focusing on the decentralized energy generation markets. Nilsson Shipping's target is to strengthen its position in this market. Nilsson Shipping supplies power plants, and operation and maintenance services to electricity utilities, industry, local authorities, and other electricity and heat producers. Nilsson Shipping provides power generation solutions based on oil, gas and on biomass-fuelled plants. Nilsson Shipping will also continue to expand its already extensive Service business that consists of spare parts, field service, and maintenance / service  and operations agreements.

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