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MANN+HUMMEL is one of the world leaders in the field of by-pass oil conditioning systems and have over the years established a large customer base in the marine and power generation market. MANN Centrifugal Oil Cleaners FM600 FM200 These centrifugal oil cleaners are used as by-pass filters in combination with full flow filters. Thus, a very effective filtration is achieved. Micron particles that have passed the full flow filter are removed by the by-pass filter. The by-pass filter offers a very intense purification with a high degree of separation. As a off line filter, the centrifuge is used in commercial marine, truck, bus, mining, power generation and building machinery. Due to the centrifugal forces emerging during rotation, the dirt particles in the oil are thrown towards the inside wall of the rotor, where they remain stuck until the centrifuge is cleaned.
The entire MANN+HUMMEL range of centrifugal oil cleaners is available through Nilsson Shipping.

Principle of Operation

The MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaner operates in by-pass and processes up to 10% of lubricating oil before returning it to the engine's sump.

Oil is pumped into the centrifuge by the engine's oil pump at pressure and directed into a hollow spindle where it exits via a cross-drilling into the centrifuge rotor. The rotor becomes full of pressurised oil that is then allowed to exit through MANN Centrifugal Oil Cleaners FM060 FM090two tangentially opposed nozzles in the rotor base. This causes rotation of the free spinning rotor assembly thus generating centrifugal force within the rotor. As contaminant particles enter the rotor they are subjected to a centrifugal force causing them to migrate radially outwards to the inner wall, where over time, they compact to form a dense cake.

MANN+HUMMEL offer both cleanable and disposable rotor designs.

Retrofit Centrifuge Supply

MANN+HUMMEL offers a range of centrifuge models that can be retrofitted to end user applications. Both direct engine mounting and remote installation options are available to enable our customers to experience the benefits of centrifugal filtration. Our retrofit customers come from a variety of markets including: marine, truck, bus, mining, construction, power generation, locomotives and industrial process fluids. Oil Conditioning Systems Brochure 2005 / pdf (808 kb)

Agricultural, Construction & Mining  

Off-road applications in the construction, mining and agricultural industries are commonly subjected to extreme operationalMann FM 200, As a off line oil filter unit the centrifugal oil cleaners meet the heavy demands from industry on clean oil. Off-line oil filters offer continuous filtration around the clock, operating independently from the main system to avoid differences in pressure and flow conditions - provide optimum hydraulic system accessibility. Increased system reliability and operating economy are two good reasons for considering the extra cost of fitting a centrifugal oil cleaners in your application. Typical fields of application include hydraulic systems, lubricating systems, hydraulic presses etc. When rebuilding a system we recommend installation of an off line oil filter. conditions and environments which greatly affect an engine’s operational life. Many end users operating in hostile environments choose to reduce their oil drain intervals below recommended guidelines. The MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaners with its ability to keep the engine lube oil clean, allow end users to extend oil drain intervals, even in hostile environments. MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaners have also been applied on rock crushing equipment for cleaning heavily contaminated lubricating oil. This results in considerable savings in down-time and replacement component parts due to substantial reductions in component wear.

Bus & Trucks  

Over the years, continuous improvements to the performance of centrifuge have enabled MANN+HUMMEL to transform original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and end user objectives into reality. It is regarded by OEM customers worldwide that this MANN centrifugal oil filter FM 90 MANN+HUMMEL centrifuge product range is an established effective method of removing the smallest dirt particles to maintain oil cleanliness. In close collaboration with MANN+HUMMEL, DAF has managed to extend their oil drain interval on their 95XF engine from 50,000 km to 100,000 km (30,000 miles to 60,000 miles). The MANN+HUMMEL centrifuge can be remotely mounted outside the engine compartment, if there are space constraints especially on bus or truck applications.

Marine & Power Generation

For over 50 years, the MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaners have proved to be the key factor in reducing component wear while increasing the oil and engine life cycle. In close collaboration with MANN+HUMMEL, Detroit Diesel/MTU, like other OEMs, have significantly extended oil drain intervals on their 4000-series engines. MANN+HUMMEL are one of the world leaders in the field of by-pass oil conditioning systems and have over the years established a large customer base in the marine and power generation market.

Hydraulic System Filtration

Effective, by pass / off-line filtration of hydraulic oils increases equipment reliability and lifetime. The hydraulics system distributes power to many consumers, pumps, winches, production equipment, crane and steering system etc. Typical contamination sources in hydraulic oils are particles and water ingress. Contamination lead to sticking valves and increased wear on system components, such as pumps, motors and servo-valves. MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaner are the effective way to maintain hydraulic oils and remove particles in one process. MANN+HUMMEL by pass / off-line centrifugal oil cleaner dramatically increase equipment reliability and lifetime. The combination of high dirt-holding capacity and effective particle separation is especially relevant for hydraulics system.

The benefits of installation can be summarised as follows;

  • Reduced critical component wear .
  • Maintain oil cleanliness for longer periods of time .
  • In the marine sector, effectively control increased contaminant loading in heavy fuel applications.
  • In-conjunction with an oil analysis programme, the ability to extend oil life and the time between services.
  • Increased life to engine over haul.
  • Savings in general maintenance and service costs.
  • Ability to resolve oil contamination problems for applications operating in hostile environments.
  • Good return on investment.

Contaminant removal (PDF, 236 KB)

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For over 40 years have MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaner, previously known as GLACIER provided exceptional fluid-cleaning performance. They have been installed as OEM first fit for more than 40 engine manufacturers - including Bergen, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, EMD, General Electric, Ingersoll-Rand, MAN, MTU, Perkins, Scania, Waukesha and many others.

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