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MANN+HUMMEL is a filtration specialist for almost six decades. Where there are industrial applications MANN+HUMMEL filters have become well known for process reliability, economy and innovative technology. It's no coincidence that leading companies fromMANN OIL AIR FUEL FILTER many varied application fields choose to use MANN+HUMMEL:

Agricultural machines · Chemicals · Construction machines · Combustion engines · Compressors · EDM machines · Forklift trucks · Food industry · Industrial cleaning machines · Machine tools · Oil industry · Paints · Reaction injection moulding machines · Rolling mills · Vacuum pumps · Water industry

MANN+HUMMEL air, fuel and oil filters is available through Nilsson Shipping.

Marine FiltersMANN+HUMMEL marine lube oil filters provide highly efficient filtration, long service life, and low flow resistance, even when coping with high viscosity media. Whether as simplex line filters or in duplex filter operation, as automatic plate gap filters, they perform impressive service in marine applications with all types of lubrication.

Applications: Ocean and other Marine Vessels (Barges, Cruise Liners, Cargo Ships, Tugboats)

  • Air, oil, hydraulic and fuel filters
  • Pleated paper air filters and wet air filters
  • Bypass filters, high pressure filters, and self-cleaning filters

MANN filters for marine engines meet the regulations applied by companies such as Lloyds Register of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd and others.
Click here Marine Cross Reference to access the catalogue.

Spin-On Filters

Applications: For Filtration of Lubricating Oils, Hydraulic Fluids and Fuels in Engines, Machines and Hydraulic Systems.

  • Flow rates to 540 l/m
  • Operating pressures to 35 bar
  • Operating temperature to 120 ºC
  • Bypass and anti-return valves available

Spin-on oil filters form one unit consisting of housing and filter element. The whole unit is replaced during maintenance.
The following can be integrated:
Anti-drain valve: Ensures that the filter and oil channels do not empty when the engine is switched off and that oil is readily available when the engine is started.
Bypass valve: Ensures that oil is available when the engine is cold started and when a service is long overdue, if the oil filter is very dirty.
Wrench removal tools: Ensure that you can remove and fit a spin-on oil filter quickly and efficiently.
Click here for Spin-on Filters catalogue.

Gap-Type Filters

Plate gap-type, wire gap-type and gap-type tube filters.MANN+HUMMEL plate gap, wire gap and gap-type tube filters can be used without interruption in many industrial areas, which include machine and plant construction, the automobile industry, marine applications and extraction technology as well as different areas in the chemical, paint and foodstuff industries, geared motors available for continuous cleaning.
Can be cleaned during service. For the filtration of slightly or very viscous fluids such as lacquer, polyhydric alcohol, isocyanate, cooling lubricants and more
Application: machinery construction, large-size engines, chemical industry, food industries, reactivity foundry installations, metal-cutting machinery and other industrial areas

  • Filter rating: 30 µm to 1.0 mm
  • Nominal flow rate: up to 45 m3/h
  • Pressure range: up to 40 bar
  • Operating temperature: up to 120 ºC

Geared motors available for continuous cleaning
Click here for gap type filter catalogue.

Filter Elements

MANN micro-Top filter elements are fine filters for engine and hydraulic oils, fuels, coolants and paints. MANN oil filter elements areMANN liquid filters product range includes the MANN micro-Top Filters elements, In-line filters and Suction filters which are for the filtration of fuels, lube and hydraulic oils. either situated in their own housing or are integrated directly into the engine oil system. They are very environmentally-friendly since only the filter element is replaced periodically. The filter fineness is in the μm range.

The MANN micro-Top filter elements are distinguished by following features:

  • High and constant filtration efficiency
  • The specially embossed paper ensures lasting efficiency of the whole filter surface over the entire operating time.
  • Resistance to water, coolants, fuels, oils and other hydrocarbons up to temperatures of 140 °C thanks to the special impregnation.

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