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Security equipment / CCTV camera

Nilsson Shipping Supplies CCTV - products and customized solutions for Safety, Security and ISPS - Code requirements, by providing cameras and video systems for vessels, ports, harbours and offshore platforms. WISKA is a world leader in the design andPan, Tilt, Zoom cameras and video systems for ships, ports, harbours and offshore platforms. manufacture of integrated video solutions for harsh environments. WISKA CCTV and video systems are in service in many ships around the world.

 Where ever a troublefree, easy to use and long lasting safety & security system is requested WISKA CCTV is well prepared. 

The benefits of a CCTV installation can be summarised as follows:

  • Observe who is approaching or boarding your vessel from the comfort and security of your bridge or security room.
  • Protection of assets against theft, vandalism and acts of terrorism.
  • Permit the watch to constantly monitor multiple areas! Improves performance, reduces fatigue, enhances safety and possibly reduces manpower.
  • Visually monitor your bridge, engines, generators and cargo hold while underway or dockside and record a history of all events on a standard VCR tape or digitally.
  • Improves your visibility with forward and aft mounted cameras mounted well above you line of sight which aids docking and anchoring procedures with remote cameras.

 Following types are available from Nilsson Shipping:

OUTDOOR Camera Housing CH-S350  Data sheetOUTDOOR Camera Housing CH-S350, IP68, stainless steel

  • IP68 stainless steel camera housing (3 bar dynamic compression strength) 
  • Powder coated RAL 9016 (traffic-white)
  • Stainless steel sunshield (as a standard)
  • Marine design for roughest environmental conditions
  • Automatic heating device


  • Wash & Wipe System (standard 9.5l wash fluid)Wash & Wipe System on camera 
  • SONY color block camera module (Super HAD CCD sensor up to 800K Pixel)
  • Pan &Tilt unit FL20    Data sheet
  • Various customized mounting devices     Data sheet

IN / OUTDOOR Camera housing CH-RT162  Data sheet

  • IP68 Aluminium housingMarine design Camera housing
  • Powder coated RAL 9002 (light grey)
  • Aluminium sunshield (standard)
  • Marine design for inside use (or wave-protected outside use)
  • Automatic heating device

Option:This pan tilt unit has 360° hoizontal rotation and 360° vertical rotation

  • Color block camera module Type SONY FCB-IX10AP Data sheet
  • Pan & Tilt unit FL10 Data sheet
  • Various customized mounting devices    Data sheet

IN / OUTDOOR Dome camera D15 Data sheetOUTDOOR IP67 Aluminium housing dome camera

  • IP67 Aluminium housing 
  • Polycarbonate Dome cover 
  • Marine design for inside use (or wave-protected outside use)
  • Automatic heating device

 INDOOR Dome Camera Station 330 series  Data sheet (Low cost version)INDOOR dome camera for protection against robbery, theft, vandalism and acts of terrorism.

  • Manual adjustment
  • 1/4" CCD image sensor
  • 380 lines
  • 3.6mm fixed-focus
  • Plastic housing (black)


Dome CCTV cameras are rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of standard surveillance camera for many installations due to their discrete and aesthetically pleasing appearance together their high performance characteristics. Dome CCTV cameras also offer the advantage of making it very difficult for an intruder etc. to determine exactly where the camera is looking and therefore, greately enhancing the deterrant effect.


Computer CS series.

Wiska View provides two different types of Main Computers out of the CS series;

  • WISKA View ICS  (Industrial Main-Computer) Data sheet
  • WISKA View SCS   (Low cost version of ICS). Data sheet


GL and IEC60945 approved marine PC. Data sheet

  • TYPE APPROVAL:COM4SHIP GL and IEC60945 approved marine PC.
     Germanischer Lloyd Cat. C, EMC1
     - IEC 60945 2002
  • Modular system for cost-effective customized solutions
  • Anti-vibration bracket
  • OS on Compact Flash optional
  • Basic & Upgrade configuration


Main features:  

  • Focus, Auto focus, Focus-speed
  • Iris, Auto iris
  • Brightness, Auto brightness
  • 0-Lux/IR switch over (only in combination with SONY FCB-EX780-Series)
  • Pan & Tilt control
  • Wash & Wipe

Standard ISPS features:  

  • Picture recording on HDD (various customized data storage presets - time, date, interval...)
  • Backup operations (e.g. for ISPS documentation)
  • External Trigger(s) for customized applications (I/O settings)
  • Various customized safety & security links

Option :  

  • Gangway Access ControlThis pan tilt unit has 330° hoizontal rotation and +30° / -90°  vertical rotation
  • Door Access Control
  • Ship's Rail Access Control
  • Fire Control/Detection System
  • ISPS Lighting Control
  • Communications
  • Pixel-alarm (motion detection)


Interface and power supply 

  • Stainless steel SUS 304 powder coated
  • IP 67

Junction Boxes type IBS for outside camera station 

  • Stainless steel SUS 304 or 316 powder coated
  • IP 67

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