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Ports in Sweden

This links to various ports and terminals in SWEDEN can provide information to the marine community on vessel traffic and type of cargo handled by this ports. Click on a link below for detailed information of the ports including ship movements.

  • Copenhagen Malmo Ports  CMP is located in the heart of the booming Oresund Region with 3.5 million inhabitants, an expanding business sector and increasing integration of people, know-how and products across Oresund. At the same time, the Oresund Region is the gateway to the entire Baltic Region with more than 100 million inhabitants.
  • Port of Falkenberg  The company Falkenbergs Terminal AB is positioned on the west coast of Sweden, with direct links to the E6/E20 (the highway between Malmo and Oslo) and to the national road system.
  • Port of Gavle 
  • Port of Goteborg   The Port of Goteborg is situated on the Swedish west coast, in Scandinavia, in Northern Europe. It liesThe Port of Goteborg within the city limits of Göteborg, Sweden's second largest city and its main port. The Port of Göteborg has grown up around the mouth of the River Gota, which flows down from Lake Vanern and which has been an important factor in the port's history
  • Port of Halmstad   The Port of Halmstad is a multi-purpose port. Port authorites and stevedoring are integrated in the same organization. The port possesses unique possibilites for expansion, thus creating a sound basis for future growth.
  • Port of Helsingborg The Port of Helsingborg is a municipal company with about 250 employees, handling an annual total of about 7 million tonnes of goods. The company is responsible for administration, stevedoring and building and maintenance of the port facilities.
  • Port of Kalmar  The port of Karlshamn is the dominating industrial and commercial port in southeast Sweden.
  • Port of Lysekil   The port of Lysekil lies at Groto in Lysekil. It is a sheltered, ice-free, deep harbour that employs about 80 people. The turnover of goods has grown rapidly from a bit over 100,000 tonnes per year at the end of the 70s to the current level of approximately 400,000 tonnes annually.
  • Port of Norrkoping  The Port of Norrkoping is one of the most modern facilities in the Baltic Sea, with a far-ranging, constantly expanding range of operations.Port of Stockholm
  • Ports of Stockholm  The Port of Stockholm handles most types of goods and receives and provides services for shipping. Port of Stockholm is a full service port situated on the Baltic Sea, and has the capacity needed to handle most types of freight.
  • Port of Sundsvall 
  • Port of Sodertalje
  • Port of Trelleborg   The Port of Trelleborg is one of the largest ferry and RoRo ports in Scandinavia. Every year, it handles almost 11 million tonnes of goods (imports and exports) and two million passengers.
  • Port of Uddevalla  Located on the west coast of Sweden the port of Uddevalla is one of the country´s major cargo handling ports.
  • Port of Wallhamn
  • Port of Varberg  Terminal West operates and develops the merchant port in Varberg.
  • Port of Ystad
  • Port of Ahus   The Port of Ahus is one of the most important bulk harbours in Southern Sweden and the largest container harbour in South-East Sweden.
  • Swedish ports Ports of Sweden is an industry and employers' organisation comprising 50 port companies and over 4,000 employees.
  • World Sea Ports
  • Ports and terminals throughout the world
  • Portfocus
  • Port of Rotterdam   Rotterdam is one of the most important cargo junctions in the world. Every year, over 370 million tonnes of cargo pass through the port area. Rotterdam has an open link with the North Sea – the most heavily navigated sea in the world – and serves a European hinterland of about 400 million consumers. The huge cargo flow offers both shippers and shipping companies important advantages of scale.
  • International Association of Ports and Harbors

Nilsson Shipping are based in Skarholmen / Stockholm, with our service car  it only takes 20 minutes to Port of Stockholm and 30 minutes to Port of Sodertalje, our ship service covers most of the Central-East Coast of Sweden.

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