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SCANIA Engine Genset 220-520 kVA

VIKING series;
Scania diesel engine powered generator sets rated at 220, 275, 310, 330, 380, 440 and 520 kVA (standby) for 50 Hz power at 1500SCANIA ENGINE GENERATOR SET Nilsson Shipping sells generator sets from some of the world's top  manufacturers, power units custom fabricated to meet your complete energy and performance  demands. Our Scania Engine generator sets range in power from 220 kVA to 520 kVA. engine rpm.  The Viking series of diesel gensets are powered by Scania diesel engines.  These generator sets are available in open skid gensets, enclosed soundproofed gensets and trailer soundproofed gensets. Scania diesel engines are renowned as a premium engines of exceptional quality, they also have very competitive power to weight ratios. 

Standard VIKING series diesel generator packages include;
Scania radiator cooled diesel engine, close-coupled to a Stamford generator complete with integral base frame with single wall fuel tank, pusher fan, battery cables and hold-SCANIA ENGINE SOUNDPROOFED GENERATOR SETdown, vibration isolators, 24-volt electric starter motor and battery charge system,  fuel control solenoid (energized to run type), air cleaner, engine mounted exhaust muffler, belt guard, mechanical fuel lift pump, oil drain valve, and circuit breaker. An electronic governor is standard on the 330 kVA and larger sets powered with Scania's DC12 and DC16 engines, it is an option on the smaller sets powered with Scania DC9 engines. 

Click here to view Technical Data Sheet (pdf)
Click here to Download Generator Set Sales Enquiry Form (pdf)


  • Engine operation instruction
  • Engine parts catalogue
  • Engine fluids and lubrications
  • Engine service booklet
  • Alternator manual instruction


  • Control Panel
  • Soundproofed
  • Low / High speed trailer set
  • Rental type base frame
  • Distribution box
  • Pre heating resistance
  • Residential silencer
  • Decanting fuel pump
  • 20ft soundproofed container

1.000 mbar, 25ºc, 30% relative humidity. Rating according to ISO 3046.

P.R.P. PRIME POWER - ISO 8528: prime power is the maximum power available during a variable power sequence, which may be run for and unlimited number of hours per year, between stated maintenance intervals. The permissible average power output during a 24 hours period shall not exceed 80% of the prime power. 10% overload available for governing purposes only.

STAND BY POWER (ISO 3046 FUEL STOP POWER): power available for use at variable loads for limited annual time (500h), within the following limits of maximum operating time: 100% loads 25h per year - 90% loads 200h per year. No overload available. Applicable in case of failure of the main in areas of reliable electrical network. 

Read more about the engines used in this range, SCANIA.

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