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Since 1937, Hago has been a leader in the design and production of oil burner metered atomization products. Hago’s product line includes spray patterns, spray angles and flow rates that will meet virtually any application.

Hago Master Product Brochure
Hago's new 27 page brochure is available now. Hago's master brochure gives the complete history of Hago, details its products and provide information on applications and use.

"H" - Hollow Cone - Red CapsHollow Cone - Red Caps Nozzle
This series distributes the atomized oil particles evenly toward the outside of the the spray cone. These nozzles are particularly well suited for low firing rates and burners with hollow air pattern. Normally used in wider spray angles. Spray Angles 30°- 90°,  Flow Rate Range 0.40 - 9.00 GPH
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"EH" - Extra Hollow Cone - Red CapsExtra Hollow Cone - Red Caps Nozzle
This type "EH" is an extension of our hollow cone series. Available from 4.00 GPH through 30.00 GPH, Spray Angles 45°- 70°. It is specified in many commercial applications.
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"S-S" - Semi Solid Cone - Blue CapsSemi Solid Cone Blue Caps Nozzle
Most suitable for general applications where exact air pattern or spray pattern requirements can't be established. Droplet distribution is relatively even across spray cone in smaller flow rates, but becomes more hollow as flow rates increase. Spray Angles 30°- 90°,  Flow Rate Range 0.40 - 35.00 GPH
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"B" - Solid Cone - Black CapsSolid Cone - Black Caps Nozzle
Designed to give optimum combustion efficiency on high static pressure flame retention burners which specifically a "B" pattern. As compared to our "ES" pattern, somewhat more fuel is concentrated towards the center of the spray.  Spray Angles 30°- 90°,  Flow Rate Range 0.40 - 2.00 GPH
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"ES" - Solid Cone - Green CapsSolid Cone Green Caps Nozzle
Our original solid cone series for low flow rates. Available for applications specifying a solid "ES" pattern.  Spray Angles 30°- 80°,  Flow Rate Range 0.40 - 1.75 GPH
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"P" - Solid Cone - Green CapsP Solid Cone Green Caps
The "P" type is an extension of our "B" and "ES" series for firing rates of 2.00 GPH and above. It produces a solid cone pattern in the low rates and becomes more hollow as the flow rate increases. Specially designed with a pocketed disc to reduce combustion noises and pulsation.  Spray Angles 30°- 80°,  Flow Rate Range 2 - 15 GPH
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"LC" - Large Capacity - Blue CapsLC Large Capacity Blue Caps Nozzle
These nozzles are uniquely designed for outstanding combustion in large commercial burners. They have large internal passageways to accommodate high flow rates. They produce a semi-solid "universal" pattern.  Spray Angles 45°- 80°,  Flow Rate Range 35 - 120 GPH
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"W" - Universal Nozzle - Orange CapsW Universal Nozzle Orange Caps
For installations where the use of a defined hollow or solid nozzle does not provide the combustion result desired.  Spray Angles 30°- 90°,  Flow Rate Range 0.50 - 8 GPH
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"DFN" - Dual Filtration - White CapsDFN Dual Filtration White Caps Nozzle
Available in hollow (DFN-H) and solid cone (DFN-B) patterns, the DFN nozzles give enhanced protection against clogging in the very low rates. Spray Angles 45°- 80°,  Flow Rate Range 0.30 - 1.00 GPH
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"Siphon" Nozzle - Gray CapsSiphon Nozzle Gray Caps for combustion of waste oil
Air atomizing nozzle for the combustion of waste oil and other variable waste oil products.  Spray Angles 30°- 80°,  Flow Rate Range 0.20 - 1.00 GPH
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