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Genset Accessories

Nilsson Shipping offers a full line of accessories designed for the highest standards of quality and safety. Nilsson Shipping can customize a generator set for your application with a wide selection of accessories and components including:

  • Sound enclosures This Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers are designed to remove heat from the exhaust gas of engines and transfer it to the water circuit. These heat exchangers therefore enable waste heat recovery and can be used on cogeneration/combined heat and power ( CHP ) equipment up to 700 kw.
  • Weather housings
  • Sub-base diesel fuel tanks
  • Day tank systems
  • Generator set controls
  • System monitoring and control
  • Generating set Electrical Switchboard 
  • Float/equalize battery charger
  • Remote annunciator
  • Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers / Boilers
  • Silencers
  • Circuit breakers

Generator Set Controls

When standard engine system offerings do not meet your needs or your controls are obsolete but the engine is still full of life, Nilsson Shipping’s generator control solutions are the optimum answer. Our generator set control panels can be built in pre-built enclosures or purpose built enclosures to customers requirements. Panels fully comply with all the latest regulations and are functionally tested prior to leaving our premises. Generator sets systems can be equipped with a variety of controls to match the needs of the each application, for example:

  • Automatic Mains Failure  AMF
  • AMF (starting gen-set, no back synchronisation)
  • AMF (starting gen-set, back synchronisation)
  • Island operation  (start/stop of generators according to the power demand)
  • Parallel with the mains (fixed load/ peak shaving)
  • Automatic engine start/stop
  • Generator Synchronisation (synchronisation of the generators to the busbar)
  • Engine protection (shut down in case of overspeed, loss of lubrication, high temperatures etc.)
  • Breaker control
  • Generator protection

Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear

Nilsson Shipping supplies medium and low voltage switchgear for paralleling, standby and emergency power generators and other power delivery systems. Complete system and generator protection is included. Indoor and outdoor configurations are built that include fixed, drawout, rollout, insulated case or vacuum breakers. We provide power components from all the major device manufacturers. 

Exhaust Gas Boiler

The exhaust gas boiler (EGB) recovers the heat from the fuel gas of diesel or gas gensets to generate steam / hot water or useful heat for process heating / cooling. Depending on system design, the exhaust gas boiler can enhance the efficiency of a DG set based system from 20% to 50%. The exhaust gas boiler leads to reduced overall process costs. The exhaust gas boiler is available in various configurations. Some of them are: single drum re-circulation exhaust gas boiler type, smoke tube exhaust gas boiler type, two drum or single drum natural circulation water tube exhaust gas boiler type, Nilsson Shipping can provide all types.

Steam for a Variety of Industrial Operations

The waste heat from combined heat and power ( CHP ) plants can be used to generate steam. The exhaust gas from the engine, which accounts for about 50 percent of the total thermal energy produced, is used for this purpose. The normal temperature of the exhaust from a diesel engine is between 400 and 500 °C. The remaining waste heat contained in the engine cooling water, oil or air/fuel gas mixture can be used for feed water preheating.The possibilities for this application range from process steam for industrial operations to hospitals, which need steam for sterilization purposes and food processing operations.

Reduce Energy Costs

Heated water can be fed into both local and district heat systems to cover basic heating requirements. It can also be used as the heat supply of individual facilities, such as hospitals. Peak heat demand can be met through a buffer and a peak boiler plant. Diesel and Gas engines can raise the efficiency of cogeneration plants to over 90 percent (40 percent electrical and over 50 percent thermal energy).

Heat Recovery Systems For Gas Turbines

Nilsson Shipping can also supply exhaust gas boiler behind gas turbines ranging from 5MW to 250MW, with steam parameters up to 500t/hr, pressures up to 135kg/cm2g.

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